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Ground floor 1. Ticket booth 2. Exhibition area: The venecian sea fortress 3, 4. Underground water tanks 5, 6. Storage area open to public: Sculptures from the city of Candia (Heraklion) 7. Exhibition area: Record of restoration campaigns 8, 9. Multimedia area 10, 11. Exhibition area: The fortifications of Candia (Heraklion) 12,13,14. Exhibition area: The siege of Candia (Heraklion) 15. Exhibition area: The Ottoman conquest 16, 17, 18. Storage and study area open to public: Pottery artifacts 19, 20, 21. Exhibition area: Shipwrecks
Upper floor Event venue

15. Exhibition area: The Ottoman conquest

The first section of the Northern Corridor, across from the rooms that were used during the Ottoman period as prisons presented visual material about Crete in Ottoman times and the Revolution of Daskalogiannis

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6. The Great Castle (Kandiye)goToIcon